Discover New Author – Laura Lanfield

million miles away from the sophisticated undercover detective who gets on an airplane and flies to some well known city or god for saken place to earn a good living. At the other end of the line, no one ever sees my sweet smiling grandmotherly face, because most of the time I have had an expensive facial and good make-up job and hairstyle before I leave my other life behind. The cover of my first book shows my gun in the cookie jar. That cookie jar isn’t for the kids.

Q: What does your family think about this?
A: That is an interesting question especially since now I am writing books about my strange encounters of different kinds. Confuses them a bit, since I do try to keep my secret life secret. Now that I am writing books about my adventures, my photographer takes precautions to make sure that nobody will recognize me as the everyday person. Not an easy job, and I think he is just about the best photographer in the world for having accomplished this. My family loves the idea that at my age I am still able to continue the work that I have been doing for so long. Only once several years ago, did one of my children request, after the birth of one of my grandchildren, that I try not to do as many dangerous jobs as I was doing, I agreed. Cut down the income a bit, but I am still out there breathing and the kids are breathing a sigh of relief. Don’t think for a minute that I’d ever give up living on the edge. I just moved a little closer to the center.
Q: Do you ever worry about your life or theirs?
A: Jeff, do you worry about your life? I could just as easily slip and fall in the supermarket and brake my neck, as I could get hit by another car while I was flying along the Autobahn in a big black Mercedes at 110 miles per hour. I don’t worry about my children’s lives, certainly not because of anything that I would or could do to put them in jeopardy.
Q: What is a normal day like for you?
A: After a good hot cup of coffee I open my computer and see what interesting opportunities have presented themselves overnight. If anything interesting has come along job-wise I respond immediately, if not, I try to get in an hours writing either on my newest book or an article, then I think about going shopping which is always a wonderful thing to do.
Q: Is it just like the movies?
A: Well it is not the story of Mary Poppins neither is it Harry Potter but probably closer to Harry Potter without some of the unusual cast. Most people that hire me are quite serious about their need for investigation and detective work. Usually no frivolity is involved. Although I sometimes get a serious call from a serious kook who thinks their family is trying to murder them. But then you just never know so I’ll do a little preliminary investigation and nine times out of ten the kook is just that. But there is always that one time and sometimes it turns into a damn good case.
Q: Why have you decided to independently publish?
A: Good question, Jeff and you know the answer to it too, since we have shared experiences with literary agents who promise the world and don’t even have time to respond to our five principles. Been there, done that. However, my mind and heart are always open for the next guy or gal who falls in love with my work and promises to turn me into the next Margaret Mitchell, the brilliant writer of Gone with the Wind.
Q: What are your goals for the book?
A: Of course, like all authors I would like to see “BAIL BONDS BABYLON ,” which is in it’s third printing, as a television series or movie. Who wouldn’t. That’s one of the reasons I am writing a sequel with the strange working title of “BAIL BONDS BABYLON TWO.” Meanwhile, I have completed “SOUTH BEACH LADY P. I. ” and I am preparing to market it. Unless something wonderful happens, I will self publish this book as well. I have two great websites and my fan base is building. The first websites is and
Q: Where can people purchase your book?
A: They can either get it from or directly from the either of the above mentioned websites. Try it, Bail Bonds Babylon by Laura Lanfield it’s a real life adventure.