A Decision


I wanted to personally thank the thousands of writers who downloaded my eBook, Effortless Marketing this week and the over 34 four and five star reviews I received. And I want to thank those who helped make it the #1 Marketing Book on Kindle.  That was a dream come true and I appreciate that.  I also received interest from a traditional publisher about the book as well and what’s funny is that I didn’t approach that publisher at all. They approached me!

Unfortunately, due to the campaign of bizarre false accusations about me supposedly spamming people about the eBook even when I explained what happened, I’ve decided to pull it off the market for now.  Why add more fuel to the fire? I’m also doing so to protect the people graciously lent their name to support the book. I did not want to drag them into the drama that some individuals decided to create for whatever their intentions were.  I pray that those who went out of their way to do so will not experience that type of negativity in their own lives. It’s a shame that something someone from my company did (being overly ambitious and spamming the world) has ruined it for those who really could have benefited from the eBook.

But being one who generally focuses on the positive, I want to thank all those who supported the book and don’t worry, I’ll have more books out in the near future that will  help those who need it and like my other eBook, will be free or 99 cents so that it’s affordable.

Onwards and upwards!

Is Your Book Worthy?


Before you even try to offer your book, there are a few things you need to consider. Obviously, your book should be worth reading.

More importantly, it should be buzz-worthy.The sections and scenes in your book should get people talking about them to their friends. Maybe they’re shocking or offensive or heart-wrenching scenes. Whatever they are, they should make a reader say, “Well, you don’t see that every day.”

Also, the scenes should be something readers can relate to that makes them want to root the character on. Make it easy for readers to sympathize with your character and you’re on your way.

Getting to Know the People Up Top


Now you need to identify and make a list of who the top ten posters are and that’s easy to do, because most forums tell you how many posts someone has made if you look at their comments.

Make a list of them.If there’s more than one founding member, add them to your list. Next, you’re going to private message the founders and tell them how excited you are to have found this message board.Compliment them on what you like about it in particular.

You’re going to do the same with the list of top ten posters. Reach out, connect and bond with them. Offer them a copy of your book. If the founders or these top posters like your book and they compliment you about it, they’re likely to tell the whole world about it. Remember, if you’re on a board with very few authors, it’ll be a big deal that they’re talking to an author and they’ll think it’s a privilege to receive a free copy from you.


Questions Anyone?


You have to focus on getting people to ask you questions.If you can get people to ask you questions or your advice on a topic, then that’s exactly what you want because then people will be more curious about checking your link.

If someone private messages you a question, ask them if they’ll paste that question on the link because you think it’s a great question that a lot of people can learn from. If you have to ask people you’ve been private messaging if they can think of a question to ask you on your link, then by all means, do it. If you have to bribe them with a free copy of your book in order to ask you a question, then do it.

Anytime someone asks for advice on the message board, which happens a lot, you should be the first to respond and compliment others who give advice, as well as private messaging those asking for advice and giving them a link to more additional information. Next you need to get in touch with the founders of the forum.



How to Boost Your Traffic


Now, since you’re already in a message board that your target audience likes and you’re sharing articles that you know they’ll like, consider looking for topics that will position you as an expert or the answer to their problems.

Maybe you wrote a book on breast-feeding and you’re involved in a message board for first time, yet older mothers. You might create a topic based on an article that you found on about the fact that older mothers experience more sensitivity than younger moms when breast-feeding. Indirectly mention your book in your post, but not in any way where you suggest a sale.

Come across as an expert and peak their interest. People are going to start clicking your link like crazy because they’re curious about your book. Now, it’s good to create enjoyable posts, but in addition to generating comments, you have to get people to ask you questions.



Contributing to the Community


Once you’ve gotten into a habit of direct messaging, you’re going to start posting one or two articles or questions per week, not just replying to existing posts.This is how you will add value to the community.

Be careful not to add posts until the second or third week when they’ve gotten to know you: then contact your message board friends and send them a link on the board to it.

Focus on the most interesting topics and write a post about it.Choose the title or headline of the article if you can think of something else that’s sexier. It’s your job to keep them talking, but once you do, how do you sustain the traffic?


Send a Direct Message


jeff RiNow you’re going to focus on doing a few things that will help you build relationships quickly.

Earlier I said you

should mention, in your comment, the name of the person with whom you agree. You’ll recall, too, that I said you should praise them publicly. Now, here’s some extra secret sauce you can add:send them a private message after you mention them in your comment. Tell them again how much you enjoyed their comment. If they have a blog or website where you found something
of interest, be sure to let them know you enjoyed it.

This is going to make them feel good. And that’s what it’s all about, making people feel good. Tell them if they ever need help with something to let you know.And please, if you say you’ll help them, help them. Once you get the hang of this technique, you’re ready to start posting    regularly.


No Time to Be Shy

Resize of mjpiDtq

The reason why this is called effortless marketing is because once you’ve already set up the signature, you don’t need to market any more.All you have to do is spend ten minutes a day interacting and engaging with your new friends.

Remember; never, ever talk about your book unless someone asks about it. I know this is counter-intuitive for many people. They’re worried if they don’t talk about the book, how is anybody ever going to discover it? But the truth is, the more you take interest in people, naturally, the more interest people will take in you.Even the most self-absorbed people in the world will eventually become curious if you show some degree of interest in them.

Always agree with them or add to what they have to say and add your own two cents.Think about adding value by including a link to an article from a totally different website, or better yet, a website from one of the people who are commenting, and incorporate it into your response.Now that that’s out of the way, you’re going to get even more personal with your new friends.

What the Heck is


 When you’re adding your hyperlink, make sure that it is a code so that you’re able to track where your traffic is coming from.This allows you to experiment with the signatures and see what works best in terms of converting curious people into readers.If you’re seeing a huge surge of traffic from one particular signature, this is one way you’ll be able to tell. allows you to take a link, any link, and track not only how many people click on it, but also where they came from, when they clicked on it etc.Why is this so magical? Well, if you find that you get more traffic when you post on a Wednesday night, guess what time you should focus your relationship building efforts?What

You can do the same thing with your excerpt page.Change the excerpt, add to it, cut it, try different links and see which gives you the best results. That’s why you don’t want to explode too fast. You want to be able to track these changes, because you only want to do things that work and stop doing things that don’t. about experimenting with your signature or changing your profile avatar?Switch them up and keep track of how much traffic you gain or lose.

Components of a Good Signature

First, let’s talk about what you should not have.Do not write anything spammy. Not only because people will ignore it, but also because it‘ll probably get you kicked out of the message board. Oh, yes, they will do that if you get too many complaints or if you violate any of their precious rules and regulations.

This is why I said you must shift your mindset and stop thinking of people as objects.You definitely do not want to bold any of your messages. You should come across as nonchalant as possible.Kind of like, “Oh, yeah I’m an author,” but as an afterthought. It’ll have more of an impact if you do that than if you scream in someone’s face to buy your book.

It should be simple, one or two lines max with a link to your website or blog. I would recommend you include a link to your Amazon page because it’s all about creating relationships, getting them in your newsletter funnel and sustaining their friendship for life.Now, if you’re going to use a hyperlink in your signature, you need to consider code.