When will the sequel to No Matter What come out?

Ah, the million dollar question. When will the sequel to No Matter What come out? This is the same question that thousands of fans of the original story Forever My Lady have been asking for years. Well, I’m happy to say that first I’m writing the prequels. There are 4 parts. I finished writing the first drafts of those already and now I’m polishing them up. So as not to jinx it, I’ll just say that they’re coming out soon. Then, I’ll get cracking on the 3 sequels.  But in addition, if there’s enough demand, I’d love to do stories on Daniel and Desiree, Jackson, Louise, Grossaint, Simon and even the story of how Dio’s mother and father met. I love this world I created and fans of the stories seem to love the characters.

What is No Matter What About?

No Matter What tells the story of Dio, a guy who just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. It seems that everything he does falls apart. The one person he knows he can count on is the love of his life, Jennifer. They’ve been together since they were 13. But after one thing leads to another, Dio ends up in prison boot camp. She promises him she’ll stay with him no matter what and that gives him the motivation to try to turn his life around. But once he gets out of boot camp, he learns that she’s getting ready to marry someone else. So, he goes to her church on her wedding day to convince her they’re meant to be together, but he goes with a gun.

How to Get Reluctant Readers to Love Reading

One of the most frustrating things for a parent or teacher is to see their intelligent child or student spend more time doing everything but reading. They prefer texting their friends or playing Play Station or XBox than reading. You know that if they could just start reading more, not only would their grades improve but so would their future. This is especially true with boys who seem to want to everything else but crack open a book. As an author, I’ve found oftentimes, even those that say they hate reading, actually don’t hate reading. In truth, they spend hours every day doing exactly that: reading but they’re doing it by reading Facebook messages, updates on Instagram and dialogue from their Play Station 4 games. I have a hunch that if you were to add up how many words they’ve read each day, it would be equivalent to about a novel. The key, I’ve found is to find books that actually interest them. That’s why I was motivated to re-edit my original novel, Forever My Lady for reluctant readers and turn it into the No Matter What series. Thousands of teens, especially Hispanic teens told me it was the first book they’d ever read and certainly the first they actually liked. Some had read the book over and over again and it broke my heart. Although, I was honored and flattered they’d read my story again and again, the real reason I believe was that there was nothing else for them to read. First, find books that they actually like reading. Often, you can begin by looking at what TV shows they like and seeing if there are similar books or even adaptations of their favorite shows or movies. Meanwhile, I’ll be writing more books.

Should Schools Allow Cell Phones

Many schools have a strict no cell phone policy and it’s completely understandable. If not reinforced teens are spending more message texting each other or taking photos than paying attention. But when used as a learning tool, cell phones can be a great addition to an educator’s repertoire of tools. I believe that cell phones could be the answer to the “books are boring” mentality. Rather than directing teens to Amazon to download books, I’ve found that they love idea of downloading an app. That’s why I created the No Matter What app which combines the story with music that I’ve written for the story as an extra incentive. Many educators ask me how I’m able to make money with the app since I give it away for free. But my answer is that I’m not concerned about making money from it right now. Right now, I’m more interested in motivating teens to read with stories that they can actually relate to. The money will come in time.  Could other authors do the same? I certainly believe they will in the future but the key is to create an app that can be used even on low-bandwidth phones and on all platforms both iOs and Android, phones as well as tablets, Macs and PCs.