Favorite Businesses in Costa Rica

Finding businesses and individuals in Costa Rica that have the same standards for professionalism, hygiene and customer service that gringos are accustomed to can be a challenge, but I’ve put together my personal favorites below. These are people that know what good customer service is, understand the importance of punctuality and the difference between clean and clean.

Laundry Delivery Service

Clean & Clean

Plaza Tempo

2288 7489

They will come to your door, pick up the dirty service and return it clean within 24-48 hours.



Paragon Restaurant in Rohrmeser

Quality food, very reasonable price. I recommend going there for lunch. They have legitimate customer service. You won’t have to ask for a glass of water or silverware, they know this is common sense. The managers speak English and although the waiters may have limited English, they are friendly.



This is fine dining. Excellent service. Excellent food. Excellent ambiance but you will pay for it. It’s not cheap but worth every penny from the hostess to greets you to the manager who will come, if it’s not too busy to check on how you enjoyed your food, you’ll enjoy it. Note, if you have a special occasion, definitely call for reservations and tell them to have a small piece of cake ready.


Quiznos in Rohrmeser (in the same plaza as McDonald’s)

Yes, Quiznos. The service is great and they actually smile at you. They’re fairly fast and the food, although a chain store, is of American standards.


Doble Sabor Restaurant in Rohrmeser

2290 8888

They have delivery service but only in certain hours. Very good service and food is excellent for the price.


Azafran in Plaza Mayor

There are two in the same mall. Both are excellent. Service is pretty good, some waiters are more friendly than others but the quality is great for a local chain restaurant.


Fred’s Cafe in Plaza Mayor


Pizza in Plaza Mayor

There’s a small pizza shop in the food court that is excellent, especially for the price.


Sash Middle Eastern Restaurant

Excellent food. Excellent service. Highly recommended.


No Dally Sushi Restaurant

They are across from Plaza Mayor. If you can catch them actually open, they have great food and excellent customer service. They have odd hours and you never know when they’re going to be open. I highly recommend their lunch service because you get a great deal for what you pay.


Saturday Market in Pavas (Rohrmeser)

On Saturdays from about 6am to noon, there’s a fresh Saturday market teeming with people selling fresh food and vegetables for very reasonable prices. It’s located right next to Pali grocery store (which I don’t recommend unless you like rude service where they charge you for plastic bags and don’t even put the food in the bags for you).


Taxi Service in Rohrmeser

2296 2525

It’s about as good as it’s going to get in terms of customer service. They’re not completely organized, but it doesn’t get any better than this unless you’re ordering limo service from another company. They’re normally on time and they always seem to have a taxi available.




8357 2985

She’s a professional massage therapist (no funny business with her). I highly recommend her. She is Nica and will come to your home if you’d like to. Though, she normally works out of Plaza Mayor. Try to give her 24 hours notice if you can but she has come at the last minute for me at times too. The price is very reasonable especially if you don’t mind her using your bed instead of massage table. If she needs to bring the massage table (especially if you’re at the top floor of your condo) then it will be extra. Expect to pay about $30-$45 and it will be worth every penny.


Inside San Pedro Mall

There’s a small nail shop that also gives AMAZING food baths and massages. It’s one of those hole in the wall gems that only charges about $20 per 1-hour massage and it’s worth every penny.



There are a handful of gyms in Rohrmeser but most are mom & pop shop-style, next to rude service or are closed at hours when you really need them. I recommend you go first thing in the morning when they open which is at 5am (that mThere’s an excellent one near La Sabana, but you’ll pay a pretty price for it. The service is decent, but the facilities are pretty damn good.



Adrian Coto

Excellent photographer. He speaks English is laid-back and will get you great photos. Try to give him time to deliver the edited photos. The more time you can give him, the better.



Barber Shops



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