Big Daddy

He’d pay for this, one way or another.

“You like breaking into people’s houses, don’t you?” asked Jake Sr., grabbing the wafer thin young man by the back of his neck.

“Please, sir. I didn’t mean to,” the young guy said, his brown eyes wide with regret as the older man forced him into the kitchen.

“I bet,” Jake, Sr. said. He’d keep him here until the cops came. Third time this year someone tried to break in. Enough was enough.

“What are you going to do?” the young man asked, his full pink lips trembling.

Poor stupid kid. Good-looking, though. Dark wavy hair, light-colored skin and rosy apple cheeks. Probably had never done anything like this before.

Jake Sr., sat across from him, propping his boots up on the kitchen table. He lit a cigarette from his flannel shirt pocket, studying him.

Smoke trailed out of his nostrils, encircling the young man’s face. Wasn’t dangerous. Must have been a runaway. Shit, now his heart broke for him.

“I’m really sorry.” His voice cracked. Sorry, my ass.  If the house-sitter hadn’t left for a family emergency, he never would have found out.

And who was going to pay for the broken window? Yet another problem he had to worry about.

“What’s your name?” asked Jake, Sr., narrowing his eyes at the young man. He wouldn’t call the cops, he’d just scare him a little.

“Alberto. But please, sir. I swear I won’t do it again” he said, his eyes locked in desperation.

Those full lips. That little bubble butt of his.

The older man ought to shove his fat cock through Alberto’s lips to see just how sorry he was.

Fuck, he needed to get laid. The guy was in his early 20s, about his son’s age.

Jake Sr. wasn’t normally into younger guys. Just something about him.

He readjusted the boner growing in his pants before the kid noticed and asked, “So, what are we going to do with you, Alberto?”

“Are you going to call the cops?” His little Adam’s apple bounced as he swallowed. Something about him made Jake Sr. want to protect him.

“Give me a reason not to,” said Jake Sr. His imagination filled with scenarios Alberto could do to barter. He had to readjust himself again.

Alberto shivered in his wet clothes. “I just needed a place to stay for the night.”

“Why?” asked Jake, Sr. The more he trembled, the more it turned him on. He couldn’t help himself.

“I’m … It was only for a couple of days, just until …” Alberto coughed.

Shit. Someone getting sick was the last thing he needed. “You trying to catch pneumonia?”

Alberto cleared his throat. “No, sir, I

Jake, Sr. rubbed his cigarette in an ashtray. “You’re lucky I don’t have a hot finger. Most people around here shoot first and ask questions later.”

Alberto bowed his head in shame. It was almost endearing. “Yes, sir.” The way he said sir turned him on.

Jake, Sr. studied him. Everything in his gut told him he was a good kid who just found himself in a little trouble.

Alberto leaned forward. “If you don’t call the cops, I’ll do whatever you want. Promise.”

Whatever you want? Why’d he have to say that? His cock bounced up in his pants.

Shit. He had to get a grip on himself before the guy noticed.

“Take off your clothes,” said Jake, Sr., leaning in and resting his forearms on his thick muscular thighs.

Alberto’s voice went up an octave. “What?”

He lowered his voice. “I said, ‘off.’ Take your clothes off.” 

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