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Frequently Asked Questions About Book Publishing:

There are so many people much more qualified than me to answer the most common book publishing questions I get.  So, instead of answering them, I’m going to paste links to their information below and let them do the talking. These people I highly recommend.

This is exactly where I learned everything I know. When I was just beginning my career as an author, I knew nothing and I hadn’t a penny to spare. So, I rolled up my own sleeves and learned most everything on Google and from trial and error.  That’s what I recommend you do too.

If you’ve got more money than God and you want someone to just do all the work for you, there are legitimate people who can do that for you like Story Merchant.

Other than that, my tip for you is to read every single post from every single link listed below.  Do that, and you’ll know everything I know and more!

How to write your life storylink here

Dean Wesley Smith

The Passive Voice


Nathan Bransford

Joanne Penn

CJ Lyons

Hugh Howey

Caren Estesen

Cheryl Kaye Tardiff –

Nakia Lashaul –

Ken Atchity

John Kremer

Seth Godin

Gary Vaynerchuck




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