Freelance – Book Cover, Interior and Layout Design – Lee McKevitt

Cover, Interior Design and Layout
Over 30 years in college level textbook publishing specializing in layout design for Psychology (David Myers franchise) and Economics, (Paul Krugman). I have also designed covers and interiors for authors of Sociology such as Paula Rothenberg, (White Privilege Series), and Delos Kelly/Edward Clarke, (Deviant Behavior) .

More recently I have begun to design cover and interiors for children’s books (Jeff Rivera)

Rates for a project can vary depending on what is involved. Full service title (Cover, interior, layout to final PDFs) could start around $500.

(Note from Jeff Rivera: I can personally vouch for how incredible she is and easy-to-work with; worth every penny!)

Freelance Editor – Chris Santilli Johnson

With 25+ years’ experience producing “prose with pizzazz,” as she puts it, Chris Santilli Johnson helps non-fiction writers sound relevant, interesting, or useful to their readers. She specializes in tight editing and writing for projects about computers, manufacturing, travel, finance, construction, and all business communication, such as staff handbooks, instruction manuals, newsletters, resumes and cover letters, sales/marketing letters, brochures and flyers. Free sample editing provided; pricing quoted in advance based on word count after the doctor (Chris) sees the patient (your work) to determine the diagnosis and cure. Two cents/word for simple proofreading to $1+/word for complete rewrites.  Her usual editing price range is 2 to 10 cents/word. Chris also teaches non-fiction writing at the university level and holds a M.S. in journalism and M.L.S. in library and information science. Contact

Freelance Editor – Robert L. Giron

Robert L. Giron has worked as an editor of creative nonfiction, educational nonfiction and literary fiction. He has edited the award-winning essay collection “An Interdisciplinary Introduction to Women’s Studies” and numerous articles, in addition to over 55 books of poetry and fiction, including “Literatures of the African Diaspora” and “Prosody in England and Elsewhere”. In addition to work on books, he has worked on items for publicity. His fees are negotiable, as it depends upon the project, with a range of $25 to $50 per hour.

Freelance Editor – Jacqueline Church Simonds

Jacqueline Church Simonds has been helping authors perfect their voices by providing quality developmental/content editing since 2001. She has worked on over 25 books, such as Heist & High (True Crime/Bio, just out), Monster Lies (award-winning Self-Help) Gudrun’s Tapestry (award-winning historical novel), Hornet Plus Three (history), and many more. Available to work on fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, adventure) and non-fiction (biography, self-help, New Age, factual narratives). Charges $10 per page. Four free sample pages done to determine compatibility. Contact