Titles of Upcoming Books

Forever My Baby

Forever My Lady

Forever My Love

Marvin Gaye Story

Miami High Book Series

Frontin’ (Co-Written by Pat Tucker)

Twisted: Psychic Street Kids

Only One Star


The Tree


Letters to a Soldier

Across the Sunrise (Japanese Boot Camp)

Ain’t Dead Yet


T.  Love Letters

9/11 Love Story

Ain’t Dead Yet

Maybe Miami

American Papi

Chains Trilogy

Forever My Lady

Forever My Girl

Forever My Life

Forever My Papi

Forever My Love


Tevin Priest is the Spawn of Satan and I’ll Tell You Why

KBI: Kids Bureau of Investigation

I Think I Flushed my Little Brother Down the Toilet

Boys Stand Up and Girls Sit

The Turtle

The Nana McPoplock Chronicles

I Think My Grandma’s A Spy


Don’t Ever Give Up

Kissing Ass series

Guerrilla Marketing to African Americans

You Told Harpo to Beat Me