Should Schools Allow Cell Phones

Many schools have a strict no cell phone policy and it’s completely understandable. If not reinforced teens are spending more message texting each other or taking photos than paying attention. But when used as a learning tool, cell phones can be a great addition to an educator’s repertoire of tools. I believe that cell phones could be the answer to the “books are boring” mentality. Rather than directing teens to Amazon to download books, I’ve found that they love idea of downloading an app. That’s why I created the No Matter What app which combines the story with music that I’ve written for the story as an extra incentive. Many educators ask me how I’m able to make money with the app since I give it away for free. But my answer is that I’m not concerned about making money from it right now. Right now, I’m more interested in motivating teens to read with stories that they can actually relate to. The money will come in time.  Could other authors do the same? I certainly believe they will in the future but the key is to create an app that can be used even on low-bandwidth phones and on all platforms both iOs and Android, phones as well as tablets, Macs and PCs.