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Can you publish my book? I’m an indie author. I don’t publish books but I do have some great tips on my blog about how to get traditionally published.


Are you an agent? Will you represent my book? I’m only an indie author. I don’t represent books. From time to time, if I run across something remarkable, I’ll pick up the phone and speak to a literary agent friend and tell them they should take a look but I don’t receive a penny for doing it and it is not what I do for a living.


 Will you write my life story? Everyone has an amazing story to tell and I’ve found the best person to write it is yourself. If you need help, consider partnering with an experienced writer. If you’re on a budget, consider using a site like to find someone to help you.


You’ve written for a lot of national publications, will you write an article about me? I’m only an indie author. From time time I’ll write articles or do interviews for other outlets but not so much anymore. I’ve decided to dedicate most of my time to my own blog and my own writing.


Can you interview me on your blog or participate in my blog tour? It’s possible! Send me a short email. Give me a reason why you think I should interview you. Remember, there are hundreds of new books coming out every day. Take a look at the interviews I’ve done in the past and see if you can find a common theme or something I’m interested in.


Can you introduce me to a literary agent?  The best way to attract the attention of an agent is to write a great short query letter or to sell a lot of indie books and they’ll come chasing after you. Determine if you understand exactly what an agent does and what your expectations are. Do you really need an agent nowadays? Do some research? And if you cannot get one, have you considered hiring a reputable publishing coach or a publishing attorney? Have you considered sending a query letter directly to an editor?


When will the sequel to Forever My Lady come out? Good question. I’ve been tinkering with the prequels and sequels of Forever My Lady for almost ten years. I promise I’ll make a huge announcement when they’re finally done.


When’s the Forever My Lady movie coming out? We’ve had a lot of false starts on the movie. Right now, it looks like we’ll be making it an indie film but I don’t have any ballpark idea of when the time-frame will be.


When will part three of the Um … Mommy I Think I Flushed My Brother Down the Toilet series come out? I’m working on it! Hopefully before January 2014.


Can you speak to my classroom? Yes! And there’s no charge. If you send me a short email and I have time in my schedule, I can do a Skype visit or Google Hangout with them.


Will you review my book? If I have time in my schedule, I just might. Send me a short email first. Most of the time I’m swamped with my books but if your email is intriguing enough and I have time in my schedule, I’ll be happy to.


Will you blurb my book and give me a testimonial I can use? Possibly. Send me a short email. If I have time to read and review your book and I love it, I just might lend my name to support your book. Don’t take it personal if my schedule gets swamped though, please.


How do I land an agent or get published? 

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