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Arrest my Love

by Jamie Lake & Jeff Rivera

an M/M adaptation of the original Jessica Holly book

Summary: In this story, you are a young hot teacher’s assistant who is running away from an abusive relationship. You are fragile and swear you’ll never love again, but in your heart of hearts, you’d like to meet someone. This is the first day on a new job.


It was the day from hell.  Nicholas Vega’s first day as a teacher’s assistant and there was already an accident.

All Mrs. Green, his boss, had asked him to do was watch the kindergartners for 5 minutes while she spoke to the principal.

Now Nicholas held a screaming 5-year-old girl, trying to calm her down, while the room full of kindergarteners joined the girl in a chorus of tears and wails.

He would get fired on his first day of the job, he just knew it.

Mini chairs toppled over, finger paint all over the floors and walls, giant lego blocks hurling through the airthe room was a disaster.

“It’s okay, Chloe,” Nicholas said, kneeling at her level. “Your arm isn’t broken.”

“Yes it is!” Chloe said, narrowing her eyes at the teacher’s assistant.

Even at this age, the cute blonde girl was a bit of a drama queen.

Nicholas wanted to clasp his hand over the 5-year-old’s mouth to keep her squeals from echoing down the school’s hall.

“Mrs. Green will be back any moment and” said Nicholas only to be cut off by the precocious kindergartner.

“I want my daddy now!” Chloe said, wiggling to get away.

Nicholas forced a smile. “If you can just wait two minutes,” said Nicholas.

“Now!” Chloe said, her nose flaring. Nelly Olsen from the Little House on Prairie had nothing on her.

He checked the over-sized Muppet clock on the wall as a blotch of Play Doh was flung at it. How much longer would Mrs. Green be?

He didn’t want to lose this job, but as the seconds passed, it was only a matter of time before he met his fate.

As if Nicholas needed any more drama in his life. He had moved to this quiet evergreen tree-filled town and hoped for a low-key fresh start in Oregon.

His mother had warned him not to go out with that man. Being gay in a small town was hard enough, but being in an abusive relationship was worse.

Even after the first time he hit Nicholas, he thought he could fix their relationship.

Big mistake.

He still had the scars from the time his ex had tried to burn him alive. Only by the grace of God had he gotten away.

It had taken everything he had to make this escape to Forest Hills, Oregon.

Nicholas had to move from his dream job as second assistant principal in the elementary school in Miami to start night school here in this city.

At 21-years-old, Nicholas never would have expected this would be where he’d be in his life. He was the top of his class at his university and now this.

He guessed being around the kids gave him a glimpse into the life he’d hoped to have by now.

Being a working father was Nicholas’s dream, but he’d never met the right guy.

“Oooh!” the cute Asian little boy said, tugging on Nicholas’s shirt. “You’re in trouble.”

What now?

Nicholas inhaled the Elmer’s paste-smelling room then his eyes widened at the intimidating-looking cop entering the classroom.

Tall, handsome and well-built, his muscular body practically busted out of the tight-fitting decorated navy blue uniform.

The cop narrowed his eyes at Nicholas and the little girl he had helplessly struggled to gain control of.

Nicholas swallowed. Yep, the little boy was right. He was in trouble.



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