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Promoting your book takes forever. After spending hours and days, weeks and even years, you don’t even know if it’s going to do any good. You’d rather spend your time just writing and have someone else do all this work without overcharging you.

Ugh! So frustrating.

And we all know that blasting messages to random strangers isn’t going to make a difference in book sales. Been there done that. I’ve been working in book promotion and publicity for nearly ten years and have tried everything. I’ve tried things I’d never do again and I’ve seen things that really work better than I’ve ever dreamed.

Some things are just set it and forget it items like writing in the right genre, having the right cover, description, title. Case in point, two of my books that I wrote under a pen name sold a few thousand copies in the last two months and I didn’t even do one thing to promote it. Not one tweet.

I’ve written books that collectively have nearly 400 4-5 star reviews on Amazon and even have endorsements from tons of celebrities including Stan Lee and Jackie Collins.  And they didn’t cost a penny to promote, just my time.

After years of doing this, I’ve come up with a few things that I find simply bring results.

I’ve done campaigns for everyone from billionaire Mark Cuban to Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and from Mitch Albom (Tuesdays with Morrie) to Jeff Kinney (Wimpy Kid). (Click here to see a few others I’ve worked with)

Although, you can chase after literary agents if you’d like, the best route nowadays is to independently publish (self-publish) your book and create such a buzz about it that they chase after you.

But how do you do that?

2 ways:

  1. Get everyone talking about your book

  2. Sell at least 10,000 copies of your book on your own.



STEP 1: Create a book worth talking about (or skip to Step 7 )

STEP 2: or write so many books in genres that sell (such as mystery/thriller/suspense, romance, sci fi, etc.) that you’re making money off of volume of sales instead of writing one book. (or skip to Step 7)

STEP 3: Identify exactly who likes your type of book

STEP 4: Don’t talk about your book at all to them. Instead take an interest in them as a human being and naturally by the law of reciprocity, they’ll take an interest in you

STEP 5: Repeat step 4 2-3 times per week for at least one month.

STEP 6: Ask for a favor they cannot refuse such as their opinion on your opening paragraph of your book

STEP 7: better yet, before you even write one page of your book, test the Amazon description of your book on them to see if people would even be interested, test the covers, the titles, the first 5 pages of it.  If they are flipping over it, write the book, if not, tweak it or write something else.

STEP 8: As you’re writing the book, beta test the drafts with the people you’ve created a relationship with until they absolutely love the book.

STEP 9: Follow up with the people who said they would read your book until they do, once per week is enough but after the second or third reminder, if they haven’t read it yet, leave them alone.

STEP 10: Those that liked your book are the ones you’ll ask to do an honest review on Amazon.  Follow up with them until they do.

STEP 11: Build a mailing list so you can contact your fans directly.  Making a sale is wonderful but if you don’t know who your fans are, you have to go through all the work all over again, every time you write a new book.

STEP 12: Find out what kind incentives interest them, and then give them bonuses for buying your book during a specific period of time.

 Do Steps 1-12 and you’ll automatically be in the top 1% of indie authors that sell. But who’s got time to do all of that?

If only you could just spend time focusing on your writing instead of doing all this social media crap. All you want to do is write the next big book, land on Oprah’s couch and jetset around the world. Is that too much to ask?

one button publicity



If you don’t have the time to do the above or simply don’t want to, then you can hire a marketing firm, public relations office, or even interview interns or virtual assistants to do the work.  You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find the right ones and you need to train them but it is possible.

Or you can hire me and my team. During the Month of June 2014 only, I’m offering to do the following.  I will not accept everyone because face it, if I think your book sucks, then it’s better for you to spend your time and energy on redoing your book and getting ir right then promoting something that is not ready for Prime Time. But, I can refer you to people that I’ve worked with that can help you do that if you’d like.  You can choose any of the services below:


(Please, understand, although we are offering the following services, there is absolutely no guarantee that these will increase your books sales at all.  However, from my experience, they are very effective.)


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You’re missing out in sales if you’re not doing it right.  Indie powerhouse HM Ward, recently said after changing her cover of one of her books and doing a little promotion her career took off. It can happen to you too.


  • I will rewrite your Amazon description

    • I can even include HTML so your description looks just as good as those done by the Big 5. I can include keywords so that Amazon readers who are looking for similar books are more likely to run across yours, I can make sure that your book is in the best category for it. I can even upload these changes for you.

  • I will rewrite and/or re-edit your first 5 pages. If the reader has made it past the cover and description, then they will most likely click in the Look Inside feature and read your first few pages. Those pages had better be good!

  • I can rewrite your author bio. People underestimate how a great author bio, telling the right narrative can drive people to buying your book. Tip: If your audience in particular can relate to you and are rooting for you based on your bio, they’ll want to go the next step, which is to buy your book.

    • I can even suggest the right author photo if you have a selection to choose from

    • Or I can go as far as helping you find a reasonably priced photographer in your area

  • I can completely redo your cover. People do judge a book by its cover, like it or not. Knowing that, that should empower you to do something about it.

  • Let’s find the best title and subtitle for your book. If it’s not working, let’s find out why.  Tim Ferriss did this on his own years ago with his 4-Hour Work Week and look where it took him.


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Having a book is great but having fans is even better. If you can count your fans on one finger, then it’s time for some help. Let’s build your fan base before you even write one page, or if you have an book that you want to breathe life into, let’s find a new crop of fans that have never heard of you before.


  • I will find fans or beta readers that like the genre and have them beta test all the elements.  You cannot just say that your book appeals to everyone. Try to appeal to everyone and you’ll appeal to no one.  Bill Cosby said, “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” Let’s find out who they are first.


  • Let’s get your first 100 or even 1000 potential fans

    • We’ll look for people that like books similar to yours. We will search for them on Twitter by looking for those that have tweeted about similar books

    • I can even give you a short ebook on how to engage with them on Twitter or Facebook and migrate them into reading your first few pages.

    • We can search for them on Goodreads as well. Whatever it takes to find the right fans for you.


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Although blog tours don’t guarantee sales either, they are a great resource for awareness and introducing you to the right fans. I’ve done this before and have gotten hundreds of bloggers to agree to a blog tour.


  • First, I’ll find bloggers that like your type of book. Don’t waste your time pitching to bloggers that blog about turtles if your book is hot steamy romance.

  • I can send you a short eBook on how to blog comment the right way and maximize your time.

  • We will blog comment under your name on 50-100 posts with links back to your site.  Quick Tip: Never talk about your book in blog posts or include a link to your book in your blog comment. That’s a big turn-off to readers and bloggers.

  • We will create ice breakers for bloggers and initiate the conversation. You don’t want to start talking to them about your book immediately. Get to know them as a human being. Let’s find out what they are interested in beyond books and interact with them first at least a few times before we ask them for any favors.

  • We will create content for your own blog posts and or help you create canned interviews ahead of time so that when the bloggers agree to post your content, it’s already been created. Quick Tip: Always create unique content for each blogger. Never send them the same thing. And also write an intro for them that they can use if they want, ghostwritten in the style of their other posts.

  • W will pitch up to 100 bloggers that like your type of book to see if they will agree to do an interview, guest blog, excerpt or cover reveal. Again, we don’t guarantee even one blogger will agree but we can pitch them. What we will not do is spam them a message or a press release about your book. We’ll customize everything so that we don’t annoy them. (I’ve learned this the hard way).

  • We will follow up with these bloggers at least 3 times to nudge them about scheduling your interview or guest post.


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If you’ve never heard of Help A Reporter Out, then you should check it out. It’s a service that allows journalists and bloggers that are looking for people to interview to post what they’re looking for.  There are more opportunities than you can count on but you have to follow their rules exactly to get results. I’ve done so for myself and clients and have landed opportunities on even for them. This doesn’t mean that you will be featured, but you could be mentioned, which means that you’ll be quoted as part of the article.


  • We will pitch you to 50 different outlets through Help a Reporter Out.

  • Outside of Help a Reporter out, we can custom list of 50 outlets that would be interested in you based on what they’ve done stories on before and give you an explanation of why we chose them in particular for you.

    • We can even give you an ebook on how to break the ice with these outlets so that you’re not like everyone else, blasting a press release at them that they’ll only delete.


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This is such a great means for awareness if you’ve written a kids book or something that appeals to teens. I’ve done this for myself and for tons of celebrities from Nick Cannon to Mitch Albom to Nicholas Sparks and Seth Godin.  It’s also a great way to give back and beta test new material out. But there are rules to doing it and to get results and ways to maximize your time that can help spread word about your book easier.  We can start planning this now so that in the Fall the tour is ready.


  • We can help you create the right kind of press kit that will attract teachers. This ain’t your grandmother’s old fashion press kit. This is something that works for today’s teacher, journalist or blogger.

  • We can help pitch you to the appropriate school groups elementary through high school –

  • We’ll identify the right group of teachers for you that are open to tours.

  • We’ll pitch you to these teachers.

  • We will follow up with these teachers.

  • We guarantee that we will get you at least 10 classrooms that are interested in doing this. Though we cannot guarantee the size of the classrooms. They could be small classrooms or large auditoriums.

  • We will rehearse with you and tell you what to say and not to say. I’ve done rehearsals for tons of Disney Channel kid stars as well as stars for Twilight and Hunger Games who I’ve done tours for.


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If you haven’t created content from your existing material (even your old drafts), you’re missing out on an opportunity to connect with your audience.


  • We can create graphic memes and quotations that you can use on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media platforms.

  • We will write the blog posts for you using your own material or writing it from scratch.

  • We will create tweets from your material.

  • We will create Facebook posts

  • We will create an interview of you that can be chopped up and turned into a lot of different forms of content.

  • We will create audio clips for you that can be spread

  • We will schedule this content for your social media

  • And or, we can upload this content all at once for you


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You might have a Facebook or Twitter account but there are so many other social media platforms that you may not be aware of that are more appropriate for your audience. Without these, you are leaving money on the table.


Here are a few examples:



  • Gmail

  • Pinterest

  • FB page

  • Twitter page

  • WordPress site

  • Wistia

  • Appsumo Sumome

  • Mailing list

  • Banner creation for header

  • Uploading the content to your site

  • Scheduling the content for your site

  • Adding sharer features

  • Format your createspace (plain version or fancy version)

  • Format your ebook

  • Upload on Smashwords

  • Upload your book directly to Kindle

  • Set up an account for you on Buzzfeed and other media outlets that will increase your platform


BONUS! Get any of these packages and I’ll spend up to 20 minutes with you on the phone consulting about your specific campaign.  If your campaign requires multiple weeks, every Friday, I will send you a detailed report on what was finished and the results.


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