Serial Drama | How We Can Partner

How we can partner

Rather than incurring production costs, we are offering the opportunity to license these already-produced episodes. They are available in English and soon in Spanish as well.

The scripts can be licensed as well to be produced in as many languages as possible, as well as the sound designed tracks so that all that is needed are actors in their native languages.

Ethiopia, Nepal, United Kingdom and the United States are all countries in which these episodes have been used by educators to inspire students for change. If your goal is to expand into developing countries or more sophisticated ones, No Matter What is perfect.

Licensing episodes can be done so at a fraction of the cost of producing original episodes.


Who is Jeff Rivera?

Living in his car as a teen, there were times when author Jeff Rivera wondered where he’d get his next meal, let alone how he’d survive. But it was through faith, and his unwavering belief that he was there for a purpose that Jeff pulled himself up by his own bootstraps and became an award-winning American writer instead of a statistic.  To date, Jeff Rivera has written, co-written and ghostwritten over 70 books under different pen names. He also writes for media outlets such as: Huffington Post, Examiner and has written for outlets such as Mediabistro/Adweek, School Library Journal Teen interviewing over 100 celebrities such as Stan Lee, Hugh Hefner, The Black Eye Peas, and Jackie Collins. He’s made it his personal mission to change the way the world thinks through storytelling and novels such as No Matter What reflect his mindset.


What People Are Saying About the Episodes

“… magnificent …  intense … vivid and I look forward to hearing more …” Mr. Faris Jabbar’s English Class at Sharpstown High

“They loved it!” — Mrs. Eveta Jackson – Hilliard Comstack Middle School

“THEY ARE AMAZING!!!! I hope you decide to make more … because that would be a series I would watch all day every day even on my worst days!” — Pablo, age 13

“The class loved the episodes!” — Alma, age 13

“Please send me them when you have them. All of us 8th graders would love …them!!” — Autumn, age 14

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