More Questions for Jeff!: FAQs

Are you going to be making more episodes of the Audio Drama?

Definitely. Right now, we have about 3 episodes done. But I think by the time we’re done, we’ll have at least 15 episodes, maybe more.


Can I be in the movie?

I don’t know when we’ll be making the movie but if we ever have opportunities for bit parts or extras, we’ll definitely let everyone know.


How many books will be in the No Matter What series?

Right now, I’m thinking 4 prequels and 3 sequels. Then I’d love to have a story for Grossaint, Simon, Jackson, Louise, Desiree & Daniel and the story of how Dio’s parents met. But who knows?


 Why did you end the first No Matter What book “that way”?

I would have loved to have had a happy ending wrapped in a bow but when I wrote it, I wanted to have a more realistic ending. To me, the choice Dio makes in the end shows that he’s come a long way and that he loves Jennifer enough to make the decision he makes.


What other books have you written?

I’ve written over 60 books in other pen names. I’m a writer-for-hire, which means I ghost write books and co-write books of all genres from kids books to nonfiction memoirs to romances. But I’m most passionate about writing emotional roller coasters.


What should I read while I’m waiting for the next No Matter What book?

If you’re old enough, you could read Forever My Lady which is the extended version of No Matter What. It’s about 200 more pages and has a lot more depth and scenes. But it also has a lot of curse words and adult situations.  You can also find a great list of books here.

What is No Matter What About?

No Matter What tells the story of Dio, a guy who just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. It seems that everything he does falls apart. The one person he knows he can count on is the love of his life, Jennifer. They’ve been together since they were 13. But after one thing leads to another, Dio ends up in prison boot camp. She promises him she’ll stay with him no matter what and that gives him the motivation to try to turn his life around. But once he gets out of boot camp, he learns that she’s getting ready to marry someone else. So, he goes to her church on her wedding day to convince her they’re meant to be together, but he goes with a gun.