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Motivating reluctant readers isn’t easy, especially when they’re distracted by TV, social media, their cell phones and video games. I wanted to create stories for a group of readers that are often ignored: teens of color and in particular, Hispanic teens. And I wanted to create as storyline that they could relate to and would keep them turning the pages.

No Matter What is an award-winning book series that tells the story of Dio, a juvenile delinquent that is trying to turn his life around for his childhood sweetheart, Jennifer. In the debut book, which won the In the Margins Award, it explores issues of bullying, racism and overcoming obstacles to achieve your greatest potential.

Finding books that teens of color can relate to is challenging enough, but when you’re also confronting budget cuts and have to dig into your own pockets to afford books, it creates an unparalleled challenge for educators.

Quite frankly, the idea that teachers who are often struggling enough as it is to make a living, have to shell out money they don’t have, breaks my heart. That’s why I’m making the first book in the series free.

These series of books work perfectly for those with TEKS and Common Core Standards to uphold.

If you like the Bluford High series, you’ll love these books and they’re free!

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Reading level 5th grade and up. High interest, Low-reading level. Perfect for middle school and high school students as well as ESL students.

Want me to do a Skype or Google Hangout with your class for free? After your class has read the book, contact me Author Jeff Riveraand we’ll make it happen.

Get your entire school to read the book and I may even fly from Costa Rica to visit your school, free of charge. I only ask for you to cover my travel costs.

Want print copies of this book? You can order it from Amazon today. If there’s enough interest, then we will raise funds to do a large print run of the books.




“… a welcome addition to the much-needed expansion in the niche of Latino books …” — School Library Journal

“I recently taught this novel to my eighth-grade English students. They absolutely loved reading it! I was pleasantly surprised how the students gravitated to the story and the characters. They just could not put the book down. Many of my students told me that this was the first novel that they had actually enjoyed reading. I will definitely continue to teach No Matter What! This novel is a gem.” — Eveta Jackson, Educator

“I know from first-hand experience that our kids love your writing, Jeff.” — David S. McKay – Principal, CUSD Alternative Education


I am a bestselling author of middle grade and young adult books. As a kid, I was the type that was always hiding in the library reading books, but who had a hard time finding books about teens that looked like me and that I could relate to. I grew up in Hillsboro, Oregon and lived in American poverty.  I was homeless, living in my car at the age of 19 and through tenacity, determination and faith, was able to pick my own self up off my bootstraps and become a writer.
Since then, I have written for Huffington Post, Examiner, School Library Journal Teen, Mediabistro, Entertainment Weekly (unpublished), and have been featured or mentioned in Boston Globe, Miami Herald, TMZ, NPR and many other media outlets and I had my first novel published by Warner Books / Grand Central Publishing (Hachette). I reclaimed the rights to my first novel, re-edited it and published it independently for the reluctant reader crowd.


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Teachers & Librarians – To receive a free physical copy click here and I will send you one. Limited Print Copies Available.



1) If you’re giving everything away for free, how will you make money? My goal is not to make money. It’s to encourage reading. I want to grow my readership. I really believe that students will love these stories and one day when we make a movie and Steven Spielberg is directing and Julia Roberts is starring, we’ll have lines around the block! 

2) I want print copies but we have no budget. How can I get hold of them? Well, the books are available digitally and I do have some print copies available but each copy I personally pay for. I don’t have an Uncle Bill Gates to fund me so whenever I have them available, I try to send them to needy schools.

3) Do you speak Spanish? Can you speak to my ESL class? Even though I’m not fluent in Spanish, my partner is and so is my assistant. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

4) Where do you live? Are you American? Are you Latino? I live in Costa Rica most of the year. I am American, I grew up mostly in Oregon and Nevada. And although I have many family members that are Latino, I am 100% American.


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