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What Really Sells Books – Tip 4 — Slow Down


We are inundated with social media and advertising nowadays. It always seems that someone is trying to yell at us to buy something. And I really do mean yell.

Everyone’s trying to shout over everyone else to get our attention and we’re already busy as it is with our family, our career, our pets, etc.

That’s why those that follow my 4th tip on What Really Sells Books will find much more success: Slow Down

A personable one-on-one email or FB private message works. And I mean, a custom-made message; even if it’s only customizing the first couple of sentences.

Asking one person at a time, after you’ve gotten to know them, to read your book and review it or to buy it and then following up with them every couple of weeks until they do, works 100 times more effective than a Facebook update, a tweet or a BCC to everyone.

And when I say, “get to know them” I mean, you’ve spent at least a few weeks doing nothing but taking an interest in them and what they’re passionate about without even hinting that you’d like them to read your book.

I’m telling you this after having made that mistake many times in the past. I cringe when I think about the mistakes I’ve made in the past, getting too anxious or impatient or desperate. They didn’t bring me the results I wanted. But hey, everyone makes mistakes they wish they hadn’t so why dwell on the past? Just learn from it.

Then it dawned on me, especially looking back on the last 10 years. “It’s amazing how much you can get done when you … just slow down.”

The person that masters being personable, taking an interest in the other person first, growing the relationship over time, even if it’s just a matter of weeks, then ask for the sale, and finally follows up until they do, will be much more successful than the 99.9% that are not taking that route.

Yes, it’s slower. Yes, it takes more effort but it also works.


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