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I Got You – Meeting Genie for the First Time

The next scene in the web series is when we get to meet Genie for the first time. We really needed an actress who had comedic timing and at the same time was able to slip from being into comedy and able to do dramatic moments and that really fit Samantha well.


Samantha is a well-versed actor and that was nice to see someone who can do both of those things dramatic and comedic. We needed someone who looked like she really could be a sibling of Jake and by luck we were able to get both Zachary and Samantha that kind of look like they could be siblings.


In real life, Samantha is kind of petite and but she’s a powerhouse in both real life and on screen. The way I wrote the scene was we were going to intercut between seeing that Jake’s father was secretly in love with Alberto and at the same time, seeing Jake and Genie talking about how homophobic they thought that their father was.


I thought that was a great moment for the audience who hadn’t read the book to be introduced to the fact that there was a whole other story going on besides the main story. What I would like to do in Season 2 is delve more into more of that story so that people can see the whole love story between Alberto and Jake’s father.


It was interesting because we had to use the same location to shoot Alberto’s hospital scene, Jake’s hospital scene, as well as Benjamin’s bedroom and we also used the same location to shoot Benjamin’s office. ┬áThe good thing about that was that we didn’t have to move a lot of places and maybe it was a little bit easier for the production designer, but also it was challenging to try to make the room look different enough so that people wouldn’t recognize it as being the same room.