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I Got You – More About the First Episode

We shot the opening scene on the second to last day of shooting. And it was freezing cold outside. I actually had to run and get a rental car so I had my first assistant director and my cinematographer go ahead and start the scenes before I got there. They were able to shoot the scenes where Jake and Alberto are being beat up by Steve.


I kind of felt bad that I had to go and run this important errand before I got to see it, but it turned out to be a great seeing that they put together. And I was able to join them on the interior shots of the three guys inside the truck.


It was difficult because we were on a road that was pretty noisy, although it was supposed to be an abandoned road. It was freezing cold and I couldn’t hear what the dialogue was at all. The doors were closed and so I could only guess that the actors were delivering the lines correctly and give them a little bit of direction before we shut the doors and windows and let them do what they needed to do. We mounted a camera on the outside of the truck and we set up the microphones inside so that the actors would be mic’d up and ready to go. It was amazing to see how great the actors did. If you think about it there’s supposed to be on an abandoned road and they’re not moving at all. They were parked on the side of a road and the actors in real life got along really well but they were supposed to pretend that Michael Ring who plays the character Seth is a bad guy that they’re scared of.  I think they did a really great job with that and I was really impressed with their performance. When we started editing the scene, I was amazed at how well it came together and how believable the actors performances were.