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I Got You – The Club Scene

The club scene we actually shot on the very last day of shooting. In fact it was the very last thing that we shot. The scary thing about it was that we didn’t even have a location for the shoot until the very last minute.  I was scared that we weren’t going to be able to finish what we had started. We are hoping to have a very packed house full of people dancing or that sort of thing but it didn’t work out that way. So what we did as we asked the crew to pretend that they were extras and to walk back and forth. That if you watch carefully you can see me walking back and forth as well as the bartender. So what we did as we added some of that packed house through visual effects to make it more believable. It turned out great because it was so quiet there we were able to shoot without a lot of interference. And we shot it right after we had lunch for the day. It was actually kind of nice because it was the first time I remember really getting the chance to sit down with the crew and cast and eat a meal together so that was pretty enjoyable. The bar was absolutely beautifully designed and so the production designer didn’t have a lot that she needed to do, but it turned out really great. We didn’t have a location to shoot the opening dialogue that supposed to be Jake’s voice over so we had the actor who plays Jake go close to the bathroom and recorded his audio there. Like I said, it was the very last thing that we shot and so we had plenty of time to try different takes. We had explain why Alberto didn’t have Happy Birthday written on his forehead while he was in the truck (which is something we shot the day before) so I came up with idea of just having him say align a dialogue about how has to wipe the happy birthday off of his forehead with a napkin and so we had him do that before he stepped out the door so that it would match the shot.