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I Got You – The Hospital Scene with Jake’s Father

The scene where Jake wakes up in the hospital and his father is there waiting for him we shot that on the second day of shooting. ┬áThis was the same day that we shot most of our scenes actually. It was the same day that we shot the scene where Alberto and Jake get beat up by Steve. It was really nice to see each of the actors and how they prepare for the scenes. John who plays B.D, the father has sort of a method way of getting to character and he’s a really easy going guy in real life and it was interesting to see his process. I think that Jake has his own process but he kind of just goes for it which was really kind of cool. To watch Samantha who plays Genie, was interesting. She had most of her lines written on 3 by 5 cards and she learns her lines mostly before we shoot and that so was very cool to see how everyone prepares for their role. And as a director, it was kind of interesting to maneuver within everyone’s method of getting where needed to go emotionally. Fortunately, everyone that we worked with was absolutely easy to work with and I’m so grateful for that because we had to start shooting that at 2 o’clock in the morning. And no one was cranky, no one was miserable, no one was tense everyone was pretty easy-going. Maybe it was because they were half asleep. But nevertheless, we were able to shoot the majority of the scenes that second day of shooting which was really our first day of an entire day of shooting. We shot a few things the day before, but that day that was the day that we did the bulk of our shooting.